Deep Cut of the Day

The Allman Brothers Band released their debut album in November of 1969. The band are one of the pioneers of southern rock, but displayed a lot of other influences including country, R&B and jazz. Brothers Gregg (vocals and keyboard) and Duane Allman (guitar) are obviously the brothers of the band. Gregg Allman did most of the songwriting. One of the most interesting aspects of this band is that they had two drummers, which is not overly common in rock n’ roll.

Although the album was not an immediate success its been praised after the band’s breakout live album Live at Filmore East got the band some attention thanks in some part to lengthy improvisational versions of their songs from concerts. Although Whipping Post is a song that gets a fair amount of plays on classic rock radio now.

Today’s deep cut is Its Not My Cross to Bear.

The song was written by Gregg Allman and he would eventually re-record the song for his solo album I’m No Angel. He also used the title of the song as the title of autobiography.

After their breakthrough in 1971 Duane Allman was killed in a motorcycle accident during the production for Eat a Peach. The album was finished and dedicated to him. Not much more than a year after Allman’s death bassist Berry Oakley was killed in a motorcycle crash as well (although it was due to brain swelling after the fact). The two died in separate accidents that were only 3 blocks apart. The band continued on, although they broke up on two separate occasions before playing their final show in 2014.

What’s your favorite Allman Brothers Band track?