Yep, another day in paradise with the liberals demanding apologies because they despise freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

Morons of the left (The Woke) have just figured out that a black man in a 12 year old movie ‘Tropic Thunder’ is played by a white man (Robert Downey Jr.). WE CAN’T HAVE THAT GO UNPUNISHED!!!!

If a black man put on white face would a conservative cry about it? Afraid not, conservatives aren’t whiny little bitches that have nothing better to do with their lives. And the few conservatives that would bitch wouldn’t have time to because they’d actually be at work.

Liberals make out black people to be extremely sensitive babies that need their hands held throughout their entire lives. Liberals keep the great divide in a perpetual state of play.

A liberal knows that a conservative won’t cry over such trivial and pointless moments in time, but the liberal machine pushes the agenda that a black man will. Therefore degrading the black man like he’s something of a fancy lad that can’t handle humor.

As a conservative white man, I don’t view a black man as a pussy, I view the black man as a human. Some humans are great and some humans suck. Frankly, I have never met a black man that gives 3 shits about black face. Because they don’t.

Thank you liberals for keeping racism UP and freedom of speech/expression DOWN.

Now for you so called liberals saying liberals don’t hate freedom of speech, seriously, stop reading or watching just one news outlet. Maybe it’s time you branch out, stop your denial. I’m afraid that your parents have failed you. The liberal machine is extremely racist and hates the American constitution.

College campuses have “safe spaces” now. A safe space is a place for a liberal when they hear a different opinion. Liberal congressmen want our guns taken from us. Liberals hate the private sector, liberals want females to have the right to abort babies up to the due date. The list of what liberals hate and what liberals want to take from people goes on and on.

Trump isn’t the greatest president of all time, but you know the American people are terrified of the liberal machine when they vote for a celebrity billionaire instead of a career politician.