Quarantunes: Elephant Tree

If you’re a music fan, watching your favorite bands grow from spunky upstarts to fully realized sonic unit is a thrilling ride.

Living in real time with the band as they grow instead of discovering them when they’re already established makes the experience seem somehow more personal and relevant.

Elephant Tree are natives of London England and have just released their third album Habits. The band started as a power trio and their sound was Alice In Chains on morphine. Syrupy riffs and harmonized vocals. A cool sound, but very much wearing their influences on their sleeve.

With Habits Elephant Tree expanded. Everything. They added a second guitarist/keyboard player/vocalist. They layered their sound to cinematic levels. Elephant Tree use dynamics to build a sonic landscape.

I want to feature a song off Habits called Bird. It exemplifies the band’s growth into something original. Take a journey along with the songs main character, a sparrow. This bird gives everything it’s got in the buildup to an epic chorus of Fly, Rising. Die Trying.

Is this about a bird? Or a metaphor for something grander? Who cares. Tilt your seat back and enjoy the flight. We all have six minutes to escape.

Here’s a video I put together for Bird