TGONN newsflash

Breaking news from California. TGONN has learned that the guy running the state has decided that businesses may reopen at will in the “Golden shower state”.


Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and apparently California has decided to reopen his Freemont manufacturing plant on Mon. despite current state protocols in place to deter covid 19. Covid 19 is the virus responsible for the recent outbreak of walking dead, or as some refer to them, “zombies”.

When contacted by TGONN and questioned about the possibility of organized Tomfoolery taking place on his part, or, someone else’s part, Musk had this to say. “ I don’t often burn dank chrondo, but when I do, it’s on the Joe Rogan show”. Musk is most well known for not only being a stoner but also for manufacturing rocket cars which are powered solely by compressed air.


In a somewhat confused state, TGONN has reached out to current Ca. state Governor Gavin Rossdale who had this to say. “I’m down with it.”


Peace out TGO