Timothy Olyphant Joins The Mandalorian Season 2

More casting announcements for The Mandalorian season 2 are coming through the pipeline. The most recent is that Timothy Olyphant has joined the cast. This news actually broke on Friday, but more news on Olyphant’s role has come out today.

Olyphant will supposedly play a character that will be wearing the armour that belongs to Boba Fett, a guy named Cobb Vanth. Vanth is a character who already exists in Star Wars canon. He appeared in the Aftermath novels and takes Boba Fett’s armour after he finds it somewhere near the Sarlaac Pit and uses it to become the sheriff of his town on Tatooine.

So it looks like Temuera Morrison will be playing Boba Fett (and possibly Rex from The Clone Wars as well), but a Boba Fett who won’t have his trademark armour.

If Olyphant looks familiar you may recognize him from roles in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Deadwood, Justified and Santa Clarita Diet. He should be a pretty welcome addition to an already impressive cast.