Today I got mixed bag of new releases for your listing pleasure.

We start out with the second previously unreleased bonus track on Wheeler Walker Jr’s new Best Of album. Drunk as Fuck is not on par with Wheeler’s best material. But it’s better than the other new song he released, and it’s miles ahead of most any other new country music

California stoner legends Fu Manchu are celebrating 30 years as a band with a series of EP releases entitled FU30. Each installment will include two new songs and one cover. With EP1 they gave us an excellently dark and moody cover of The Doobie Brothers Classic

Hair of the Dog are a Scottish power trio who give you classic rock with some modern muscle. Nothing groundbreaking. Just kick-ass rock music.

Our final song is by Man on Man. They are the duo of Roddy Bottum and Joey Holman. Roddy is the keyboard player in Faith No More. They play an infectious mix of synth and alt rock. Their video was banned by YouTube for showing two fat guys hug and eat a banana. Look for the video on their social media site if that interests you. Here’s the music only video