Quarantunes: Holy Grove- Live @ The World Famous Kenton Club

Live albums can be hit or miss. Some capture the raw heart and soul of the concert setting. Others sound like your favorite band playing in a cave.

Since the quarantine has started one thing I’ve really missed, and probably will for a long time, is live music. So I’ve been searching out recordings of some of my favorite bands.

Today I want to feature a four piece rock band from Portland Oregon named Holy Grove. This is dusty biker rock, mixed with Sabbath riffs and psychedelic meanderings. Like a dinosaur stomping around on LSD. All topped off with a megaton of soulful vocals provided by powerhouse singer Andrea Vidal.

Holy Grove played a hometown festival and recorded the set, six songs from it were released as an EP. The sound and the performance are all spot on. I can smell the PBR, sweat, denim, and weed through the speakers. Crank this up and take a sonic trip with Holy Grove at one of the more popular small club destinations around, The World Famous Kenton Club

The EP

Full live set