Face The Facts

It’s baaaack! Everyone’s favorite random name Google search game.

This time we dive deep into the mysterious world of

Howard Booth

Howard #1

Howard Booth

Our first Howard Booth is a 48 year old financial consultant from Spokane Washington. Howard flies model airplanes in his spare time and collects something creepy. I’m not sure what. But that smile hides some dirty secrets.

Howard #2

Howard “Howie” Booth

Don’t call him Howard! He prefers to be called Howie and he works for a telecommunications company in Fort Levins Kentucky. Some coworkers call him Phone Booth even though Howie gets upset at that. If you want blood, he’s got it.

Howard #3

Howard Booth

Next up we have Howard Booth the hunkiest cymbal player in the Cal Straw Hat Band. He is still in the pledge-in stage and hasn’t earned his straw hat. Someday Howard hopes to see a naked woman he hasn’t paid.

Howard #4

Howard Booth

Here we have world pole vault champion Howard Booth. This silver fox is our most well rounded Howard Booth. Not only is he a master of the pole vault, he is also a Professor of Biology at EMU college in Harrisonburg Virginia. This 68 year old champ doesn’t let age be a barrier when seducing his students. Or gender for that matter.

Howard #5

Howard Booth

This dapper looking officer is 37 year old Howard Booth. The photo was taken in 1936 to mark his 10 years on the Michigan Police Force. The following year Howard responded to a call of a person in need of assistance. A major storm had brought down power lines and trapped a man in his car. Howard attempted to rescue the driver, but was electrocuted when he accidentally touched the 4,300 volt wire and died instantly.

Tell us about your favorite Howard Booth