It’s Thursday and that means one thing. Time for some random music that most people probably won’t like.

First we start off with a double dose of old school punk rock. Mr. Bungle, the band lead by Faith No More frontman/weirdo Mike Patton, return with their first new music since 1999. It’s somewhat ironic how topical this song is, considering it’s a cover of the song USA by British punks The Exploited and first released in 1982.

If you like your punk with a little more 80’s thrash/crossover feel check out this two minute rager by Power Trip. It’s a cover of New York hardcore band Outburst called When Things Go Wrong

Ahead of the September release of a new album, Nashville psych/blues trio All Them Witches have released a groovy tune that the band calls the most well rounded song on the album, entitled Saturnine & Iron Jaw. Once you get past the minute long creeping intro these three snake and weave their way through another 5 minutes of audio bliss

Continuing down the heavy path, we find Virginia rockers Valkyrie. The band lead by the twin guitar and vocals of brothers Pete and Jake Adams, the latter a now former member of Baroness, gives us the first single from their upcoming album named Feeling So Low. This stomper plods along with a traditional doom pace but has adds plenty of melody and tons of guitar harmonies. Valkyrie are unabashed fans of the guitar solo, and it’s evident the Adams brothers have spent much of their life playing together.

Finally we end on a serious note. Seriously funny that is. The worlds greatest acoustic metal duo Tenacious D give us a jazzy tune about the important things in life. It’s called 5 Needs