NASCAR Bans Racist Symbol

In order to be seen as an all-inclusive event, NASCAR has announced it will ban the Confederate flag from it’s properties.

Many race tracks in the south display the Confederate flag just below the American flag. But the fans who attend also fly the flag

NASCAR is just starting to allow fans at races again, so there are decisions to be made as to how officials will enforce this ban.

My guess is that bumper stickers on your truck in the parking lot will be ok. It’s when fans enter the raceway that the enforcement begins. But how?

Any fans with a visible Confederate flag tattoo will be given a free NASCAR patch to cover it

Fans with signs or flags with the Confederate will be denied entry and offered a trade for a compliant sign

And anyone with a Confederate flag shirt will get a free NASCAR shirt to change into

Remember, there’s a difference between a freedom and a privilege. NASCAR can set any policy they like as long as it’s legal. Dress codes apply elsewhere (no shirt, no shoes, no service). Anyone who disagrees is welcome to stay home.

Will you still attend NASCAR now that they have made these changes?