Ford To Release OJ Simpson Model Bronco

The Ford Bronco was originally just a workman like SUV. Until June 17th, 1994. That day the Ford Bronco became a star

To commemorate OJ running from the police, Ford has announced they are relaunching the Bronco. It will be direct competition to the Jeep Wrangler.

Only the Bronco has a few “Juiced Up” features. Along with the removable doors and roof, the OJ Edition of the Bronco will feature a V8 engine capable of 35 MPH. And every Bronco comes with a free pair of driving gloves

Don’t pass up your chance to own a piece of history. While Ford hasn’t released it’s asking price for the Bronco, they have assured everyone it will be a killer deal. The new Bronco will be available July 9th, OJ’s birthday.

Will you be buying the ultimate slow speed getaway vehicle?