Rated R Is 20 Years Old

Fuck, I missed it by 10 days!

Rated R is the superb, sophomore, driving rock effort of Queens Of The Stone Age. IMO it’s when they just about touched their peak in terms of sound and tone, arriving on the zeitgeist pinnacle of alt-rock before it all ultimately faded away.

This album is an intense mix of addiction, obsession, reflection, and self destruction. I first heard this album at the tender age of 19 and it stuck  in my cortex like a fucking tattoo.

Rated R still houses some of the hookiest songs and most head-turning lyrics that I’ve ever experienced in a body of music. It’s a beautiful, boner-enraging, heart-pumping and tear-inducing sonnet that reminds me of the stupid kid that I was, and the stupid kid that I still am.