Ian Holm (1931 – 2020)

Well TGO, serendipity can be a bitch sometimes. This morning I climbed into my deliberately-faded Nostromo crew t-shirt, not knowing that one of the most memorable Alien cast members would kick the bucket shortly after.

Ian Holm was one of those fantastically British actors who invaded the States and Europe, both on stage and screen, with memorable characters and moments. He has played a glut of roles over the years, but like most people I’ll always remember him for the role of Ash in Alien (1979).

The other role that Holm pumped my nads with was his portrayal as Sir William Gull (aka Jack The Ripper) in the movie From Hell (2000). Holm does an excellent job in the first half, playing a disarming surgeon who’s past his prime. He then does a 180, and becomes a total embodiment of evil towards the end. And owns it.

Godspeed and safe journey.
Thank you.