RIP Joel Schumacher (1939 – 2020)

Well this sucks dick. Thanks a lot, Monday.

After a year-long battle with cancer, celebrated movie director Joel Schumacher passed away today at the age of 80. Famous for making both brilliant, classic films, as well as outright turds, he was a filmmaker who always did something new with each film. So much so that there are movies he directed that you just wouldn’t think he had a hand in.

For all the crap that Schumacher helmed (and he helmed his fair share), he also helped bring these fvcking winners to the screen:

The Lost Boys
Falling Down
A Time To Kill
Batman Forever
A Time To Kill
A Time To Kill

My personal favourite of his was 8mm, starring Nicolas Cage. It was a great little dark thriller, written by the guy who wrote Se7en. It’s all about tracking down guys who made a snuff film. Real creepy stuff, check it out.

Anyway, rest in peace, you big ‘ol gay genius. Happy trails, and thanks for my first wet dream. God with the Gods…