Mighty Moose: A Biography Part 8

I’ve finally been able to catch up with Mighty Moose. This pandemic has resulted in the unsuspected end of many friendships because I just don’t have the ambition to nurture them. Thankfully I ran into double M outside of Scotiabank and he gave me an update on what he’s been doing. I happened to have my Sony tape recorder on me and I’ve had the conversation transcribed below. Check it out.

Villain: So, Mighty Moose, what have you been up to?

Mighty Moose: I don’t see how my actions are really any of your business sir.

Villain: Sorry, I didn’t realize that you were so private. You’ve usually been quite candid when providing telling me your life story for the biography I’ve been writing.

Mighty Moose: I’m sorry sir, but I honestly don’t think I’ve ever met you in my life. Now please leave me alone. I just want to get into the bank so I can cash my pension check and enjoy my weekend with my moose wife and my moose children.

Villain: Wow, Mighty Moose I didn’t realize you were over 65!

Mighty Moose: Sir, you’re making me very uncomfortable. Please leave me alone or I’ll have to call the RCMP. And by the way, please stop calling me Mighty Moose. Its just Moose, Earl D. Moose to be exact.

So, it turned out I wasn’t actually talking to Mighty Moose, it was just talking, but otherwise non-mighty moose that was just trying to live his life. I’m hoping I can find the real Mighty Moose soon.

To be continued…