The Scorps and The CIA

Over the weekend I discovered a new podcast thanks to a quick discussion on Kevin Smith’s Fatman Beyond show. His co-host Marc Bernardin talked about this new podcast he had been listening to called Wind of Change. The podcast takes the name from the famous Scorpions hit song of the same name.

The song Wind of Change is The Scorpions’ highest charting single and its the best selling single of all time by a German artist. The song carries a lot of weight because it came out just a few months before the dissolution of the Soviet Union in late 1991. Here’s a video of the song if you aren’t familiar.

So the Wind of Change podcast proposes an interesting idea. That the song was actually written by the CIA in order to induce some changes in the era of the Cold War. Its a weird idea, but its just crazy enough to be true. Of course, the singer of The Scorpions Klaus Meine is given the writing credit for the song and he was supposedly inspired to write it after The Scorpions played a concert in Moscow in 1989 with several other famous rock bands of the day.

The podcast is hosted by a writer for The New York Times and its a very thorough examination of the CIA’s involvement in the careers of other artists over the years. The Ben Affleck movie Argo shows that the CIA has used a fake movie to help rescue American hostages from Iran. So this potential story fits into a similar category. Plus a song like Wind of Change does stick out a bit in the Scorpions catalogue as most of their hits aren’t exactly known for strong meaningful lyrics.

If there is any truth to this story at all the CIA are remaining very tight lipped about it. Any ex-CIA member that is interviewed seems to avoid confirming or denying their involvement. I don’t really want to say too much about this podcast in case it may be something you want to check out on your own. It is a long story. Told over eight 45 minute episodes and I wouldn’t be surprise if a second season happens eventually if the publicity of the subject brings some people out of the wood work. For me, it was a pretty addictive listen. I burned though nearly the entire run over the weekend. The podcast is available on several podcast platforms if you want to check it out.