Eat Em and Smile

Van Halen was on top when Roth walked away to go do his own thing. David Lee Roth parted ways with Van Halen right after their 1984 album. Their most successful album selling 17 million copies.

In 1985 Roth would release a short EP (Crazy from the Heat) before going on to release his debut solo album Eat’Em and Smile in 1986.

Eat’Em and Smile took Roth back to his early roots of a harder sound compared to Van Halen’s last album they did. He would put together two guitar legends in one band Billy Sheehan on bass and Steve Vai on guitar. The sound was big 80’s rock all the way. Classic Roth stuff that could almost be mistaken for earlier Van Halen which Van Halen was getting away from.

This is a fun album.  Great album to have kicking on in the background. Dave also recorded the album in Spanish which was unheard of back then. Dave is a bit of a nutt but back in the day that nuttiness worked just fine for its time.

Spanish version

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