Songs I never need to hear again For the rest of my Fvcking Life!

This one is top of the list because ever since I first heard it in GTA: San Andreas, I have hated its guts. And yet it keeps showing up in movies tv shows, much to my ilk.

This one too is also annoying as fvck, especially considering REM have had way better songs than this. Seriously, why does YouTube keep shoving this REM song in my face.

I’m sorry. I’ll always love John Lennon, but fvck this song to death! Overplayed, over-worshipped, and Gal Gadot just ruined it even more with her celebrity montage video.

Fvck this song too. All the hipsters went crazy for this little number 2 years ago.
A song about missing Africa; a country that the band had yet to visit.

Do you have any songs that you’re sick to death of hearing?