20 to 50 million people around the globe are injured or disabled every year from car accidents (and those aren’t even part of the death statistics, think about it).

Now that sounds like an actual pandemic, yet nobody seems to give a fuck.

Skits on SNL or some comedic YouTube channel make fun of drunk, stoned and all-around-shitty-drivers all the time. I’ve done it on this website and other authors have too through the years.

Shit, I even did a small fundraiser a couple years back on TGO for a family of 3 that lost their dad/husband in a fatal car crash, yet the car wreck jokes never seemed to stop down the line. Which is fine, I understand how humor works and I know there is no evil behind it. People need to let loose and release steam.

Yet, nobody bats an eye when these tasteless jokes born from horrible accidents grace the internet. Why? Because the media hasn’t told people that it is wrong to do so.

This brings us to America’s favorite virus, COVID-19!!!!!! Not only can you NOT joke about it without pissing off some brain washed idiot, you can’t even show your mouth in public (must be covered at all times).

How fucking stupid and simple people are (you know who you are). The media is literally thinking for you. When to stay home, when you can leave your house, when to close your business, when you can reopen your business. How far away you have to stand from someone in the check out line when you’re purchasing your Beanie Weenies.

It’s 2020 and people succumb, bow down, and even lay down in a fetal position without question because people they don’t know on TV told them to. You idiots that are doing this without question are the idiots that books like Brave new world, 1984, The Giver, Anthem and countless other novels warn us about. The Nazi army was made out of fear from propaganda (just saying).

I’m not trying to take away from the people who have gotten sick. I’m sure that person of a person of an acquaintance you know who is 80 years old and passed away is really keeping you up at night. But you have to look at the big picture (which I’m sure you’re to stupid to see).

The big picture is… Is your freedom and the future of our children’s freedom worth the fear over a bad flew? Our school systems are literally changing to the point where kids can’t have social interaction (a kid is going to be raised in this brave new world thinking it’s a crime to hold someone’s hand on the playground. What the fuck is that going to do to their heads). Social events like sports will slowly dwindle away (Jesus, please don’t take football). The way you travel, shop, go to the movies, go on dates and pump your gas will fundamentally change forever (and it already is).

Our bodies adjust to viruses. We get sick, some of us die but most of us grow immunity to it. It’s our god given right on this planet. It’s why we are still here on this floating rock in the middle of nowhere. It’s a natural process. We have to get sick and take in germs from other people so our immune system slowly builds resistance. You morons think this virus (COVID-19) is bad? If no one is getting sneezed or coughed on, then you have no fucking clue what is coming for you. Something much less lethal than a common cold could truly cause a pandemic. Your immune system will be starting from scratch.

One day you’ll be out in public, you’ll take your Covid-19 mask off to scratch your nose. Next second, you’re being hauled off to jail. You won’t even be able to fight this totalitarian government either. You gave up your guns and freedom of speech because MSNBC told you to.

If this article I’ve done is irritating to you, it’s because you’re simple and you don’t think for yourself. But lucky for you there are assholes like me that know their world history and read more books in a week than your basic mind will read in its entire lifetime. So sleep well knowing that when your bent over at home because the media told you to, I’ll be on the frontlines being called a terrorist because I didn’t want to lose my freedom and I questioned what was going on.

Oh yeah, thank God liberal media isn’t against driving. How else would I get to the liquor store?!?

One last thing. If you like the mask I’m wearing send me an email. My fiance’s mom is a nurse and makes these face huggers costume. They fit all the requirements and you can even swap out filters in them (they don’t even need filters, but just incase you’re a paranoid idiot). I do love capitalism!