Conspiracy Seeds

… so I’m in a gardening group (I know, I’m a dork. When I get interested in something I join an online group to learn about it. Its like the Cliff’s Notes of this generation.) 💁🏼‍♀️Anyway… so in my group a few members were posting about how they were mailed seeds that they never ordered. They showed the packaging… it comes from China… and it states that the item is a ring or earrings. Weird, right?

It turns out that this has been happening in quite a few states now.

The USDA has asked that anyone who receives these mystery seeds in the mail from China to keep them, DO NOT PLANT them, and contact your state agriculture department/agency … or contact the USDA with a photo (they may ask you to mail them to them for evidence).

The conspiracy theorist in me is all like, “holy crap… slowest takeover ever! China is mailing gardeners free seeds of invasive species to take over our edible plants! In 15 years this could be an issue!” 🤣

But seriously, China is mailing possibly invasive plant seeds to people.

If you get these, please do not plant them and contact the proper state agency 😁

…. so anywho… here are some hot hoers for your viewing pleasure:


Remember.. 👌free China anything is bad news🤣