Modern Car Designs Suck D*ck!

I hate the contemporary approach to car aesthetics. All manufacturers across the board have adopted this uber-generic Minority Report bubble motif into their output, and it pisses me off to no small extent that in 2020 I cannot buy a car with angles!


I am so uninspired with the low-effort cookie-cutter approach to car design these days, I’d nearly chop my d*ck off to drive something as bold and prominent as the above.

Why do cars today need to look aerodynamically flawless? 95% of the customer base will spend their travel times in towns and cities with speed limits and a sh*t-pile of traffic. Nobody’s gunning to do time trials out in the salt-flats with your bullsh*t Hyundai which looks like a fvcking bar of soap!

This is basically the adult version of buying a bed where the frame looks like a fvcking racing car!

It’s depressing living in an age where cost and lack of creativity cripples taste. The 1960’s and 70’s saw a fantastic marriage of automobile engineering and design, making for unbelievable machines which are still every bit in demand today as they were 5 decades ago.