I’m hungry!

download (4)A Southern feast would not be complete without boiled peanuts.

download (14)They’ll pucker you up if you cook them right.

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Did you ever eat the asshole out of a Zebra? It’s a Southern tradition like black eyed peas on new Years day.


If you are pressed for time you can open a can of Chicken of the Tree to make a tasty sammich.

82034258_2632407256980633_8373030037653291008_nGator tail is another solid Southern favorite.download (58)Southern people sure do like their fish.

What Southern delicacies do you enjoy?

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No Southern meal would be complete without biscuits.


Chicken is a Southern staple. Do you like chicken?

69421970_2387717214796546_6739582072936988672_nSouthern food makes my dick water, how about you?