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July 4th Weekend is truly the time of the Potato. PotatoMania: Pick Two Deals And Save At Austin’s Couch Potatoes!PotatoMania …

How to Talk To A Woman

In my new exclusive to TGO series, I discuss how to approach a woman for the first time.

New Apartment

A special hello from my new apartment. Enjoy, fags.

The Divorce Part 2

As promised, I will speak about the split from my wife exclusively on TGO. Except this latest part won’t be …


So I’m looking for a new apartment while listening to this shit. I’m TGO all the way.


Today Donald Trump said that he banged your mom, but that he didn’t give her any money afterward. But she …

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If you aren’t winning like Snake, but are more like me and visit the Disgust Channels, then you probably have …