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So I just pissed myself….but its not what you think

Im sure every Man heres had this problem atleast once. You go to the bathroom pull your pants down for a good ol number 1 and just as you get into it your Dick decides to go all Ghost buster. The single stream becomes a double then a triple and before you know it each ones firing in a different direction and then the Streams cross eachother and its all over for your pants. Theres piss on the floor on the ceiling on the wall on your shoes and your pants are soaked….well Im here to help and give a few ideas on how to avoid this.

First you can learn how to regulate the pressure and find a speed that doesnt splatter.

Second you could use one of those toilet roll inners to make a sort of funnel.

Thirdly not advised if your a soaker use some toilet paper to avoid small splatter on your pants.

If you dont mind washing your Balls in the sink you can squat down as close to the bowl as possible maybe even put it under the water.

For those that dont mind use the Public Urinals just stand as far back as possible and let others clean the mess.

But if you manage to fail in all areas dont Fret you can always dry your hands on your pants people will assume after seeing the hands prints its just water.

To remove the smell use air freshener or dab lightly with soap to cover the odor If the Bathroom has a hand dryer use use for your pants aswell.

And if your at home or have a spare pair of pants just change pants if someone wonders why just tell them you shat yourself and it’ll all work out…..Good Luck.